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Great places to visit on the Gold Coast

Great places to visit on the Gold Coast

As you would expect, being a a limousine company we have visited just about everywhere there is to go between Gold Coast and Brisbane while driving our customers around. Here is a list of some of our favorite scenic, must see places to visit on the Gold Coast.

1.  Springbrook is located about 30 minutes from the Gold Coast and has a variety of things to do and see.  With it’s brilliant lookout points overlooking the Gold Coast, wildlife, nature walks and much more it is one of the best knows spots on the Gold Coast and should be at the top of visitors to do list.  Some of the things to do are take a trip to the Natural Bridge, which has a spectacular waterfall and glow worms at night.  There is also ‘The best of all lookouts’ whose name speaks for itself.

2.  Tambourine mountain is about the same driving distance and would fit in with a daytrip together with Springbrook.  Tambourine mountain has many great walks to go on through its spectacular rain forests.  There is also a wide variety of shops, restaurants, cafes, wineries and bars and many of these have perfect views overlooking the Gold Coast hinterland.  The area also has a variety of accommodation options including some very romantic options for those looking for the perfect couples retreat.

3. Lamington National Park  is known for its variety of walking tracks and trails and a huge diversity of wildlife.  Many visitors come to see the birds and you can even have birds come and eat off your hands.   Lamington is a bit of a further drive than the other spots but is well worth it if you have a spare day.

If you would like to have us take care of your transportation to any of these locations then contact us today for more information.  We take our customers to all locations around the Gold Coast and make sure they arrive to their destination in comfort and style, we also know the best spots !


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